Hi, I’m a Very Naughty Nympho, Sexy Swinging Female and Porn Star here in southern California (I’m the Blonde Female with the 36 DD’s, in all of the pics). My name is on all of the pics (so you can Google me).  I’m a true 100% Gang Bang Slut and Cum Slut with a constant desire for Cock and Cum. And because of my constant desire for Cock and Cum, I frequently host Gang Bang, Orgy & Bukkake Parties.  Sexy Horny Men, Sexy Naughty Ladies & Sexy Erotic Couples wanting to attend, can contact me through the “Contact” page.

I host Adult Swinger Parties at an Adult Swinger’s Club in North Hollywood (Los Angeles County) and also at an Adult Swinger’s Club in Redlands (San Bernardino County). Both Locations have a Dance Area with Night Club Lighting and a Stripper’s Pole.  

I love having my mouth and face completely drenched with Thick White CUM. During my parties, Men continuously surround me and take turns shooting their huge thick loads of cum in my mouth and all over my face, while I’m Fucking and Sucking all of them.  Men can have fun with other Sexy Ladies at my Swinger Parties, but they MUST cum in my mouth and all over my face (except when other Female Cum Sluts join me in Bukkake Fun – then it’s in our mouths and our pretty faces). I love Sharing and Swapping CUM with other Female Cum Sluts (and the guys get really turned on by it too).

My #1 rule at all of my Gang Bang, Orgy and Bukkake Parties is that all Men MUST CUM in my mouth and all over my face (so I can blow lot’s and lot’s of Thick White Creamy Cum Bubbles). My Parties are never over until every Man is completely drained and doesn’t have a drop of Cum left. I ask all Men attending my Gang Bang, Orgy and Bukkake Parties to restrain from cumming for at least a week prior to my parties, just so they’ll have REALLY HUGE THICK LOADS OF CUM to shoot and squirt all over my face.

I’m always Cock Hungry and Cum Thirsty so I’m always Lusting Sexy Horny Men – Full Of Cum. All Sexy Men who attend my Gang Bang, Orgy and Bukkake Parties are expected to participate and must CUM in my mouth and all over my  face (no watching only and then leaving). My Gang Bang, Orgy and Bukkake Parties are not for the shy so if you’re not comfortable with Group Sex (Sex in front of many others), then please don’t attend my parties.  

All guest must be 21 to  50 years old.  No one under 21 years old Allowed – No Exceptions.  All guest must be attractive and fit or at least have better than average looks and shape (sorry but no obese individuals).  Guest can be of any Race but No Gay or Bi-Males, Transsexuals, Gang Bangers or Individuals who dress, speak or act too Street.  Guest must be Clean, Polite, Considerate of others and Respectful.  No Pot, No Drugs, No Drunks & No Drama Allowed.

I’m very popular within the southern California Swinging Lifestyle and I have thousands of Swinging Friends. Many Sexy Horny Males, Sexy Naughty Ladies and Sexy Erotic Couples attend my Swinger Parties and many travel from far away in order to attend (including from other States). But most live right here in southern California and many close friendships have been made from guest meeting and socializing with one another while at my parties.


I’m always Desiring  & Lusting for more  Sexy Horny Men, Sexy Naughty Ladies and Sexy Erotic Couples to join the fun, so please contact me if you want to cum to my Swinger Parties (Especially  Sexy  Men  –  Full  Of  CUM). 

Some of the Swinging Females who attend my Gang Bang, Orgy and Bukkake Parties are Gang Bang Sluts and some are Cum Sluts (and some are both, like me). But I’m always the #1 Gang Bang Slut and Cum Slut at all of my Swinger Parties and everywhere else I go. My Hobbies are Sucking Cock, Deep Throating, Wild Passionate Sex, Cum Facials and Blowing Thick White Creamy Cum Bubbles (Especially Cum Facials and Blowing Cum Bubbles).

Men must bring their own Condoms and Lube and must always wear Condoms during Sexual Intercourse (A  Must).  Men cannot bring Cell Phones, Still Camera’s, Video Camera’s or Audio Recording Devices to my parties.  I have thousands of Party Pics but I do not take pics of my guest, without their prior consent.  And I do not email Pics to anyone, so don’t ask.

The Pics below were taken from some of my Hung Male Parties, which I host occasionally.  Some of these Guys are 12 plus inches and some are Very Thick  (and some are both).  Many of my Naughty Female Friends Lust these parties.

Gangbang Parties in New York City